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Will my ordered item(s) be out of stock ?

- All our listed items are based on real stock sitting at our warehouse, we NEVER use just photo for selling purpose.

Can I revise or cancel my order ?

- Once an order is confirmed we will issue an invoice. Any order that goes unpaid after 5 days will be cancelled and returned to stock automatically. So we can accept one order revision only within 2 days after we have issued the invoice, please contact us immediately before payment if revision is necessary. Once payment is made, no change is allowed. Frequent revision or cancellation of order, or failure to pay invoice may result in SUSPENSION of membership, we strongly recommend that member must consider deeply before confirming orders with us.

Can I have discount or negotiate price ?

- Sorry that we NEVER accept any price negotiation. We recommended member reduce costs with our suggestions below :

a) Purchase multiple items in one order, as we offer true combined shipping cost saving. Our packing team will work out the best shipping saving method for you. Normally we can help member to save shipping cost US$3.00 - 4.00 (vary on item's size and weight) per additional item if they can be combined in same shipment. 

b) At department AnimeHobbyHK and Exmodeller, items are priced according to condition. Please consider items in lesser for better price. 

Can I request shipment to 3rd party address ?

- Sorry, we NEVER accept any 3rd party address shipment, all orders will only be shipped to name and address that is recorded in our membership database that matches that of your payment system.

What should I do if shipment has not arrived on time ?

- Member can get the shipment tracking no. at his membership database and track the status

For Registered Airmail, Air Parcel and EMS Speedpost Courier, here is the tracking link : http://app3.hongkongpost.com/CGI/mt/enquiry.jsp

For Fedex Express, here is the tracking link : http://www.fedex.com/hk_english/

In our experience, for most of the cases, no one at the address is at time of delivery. Normally a second delivery will be arranged by the Post Office, or collection card left for self pick up at nearby Post Office, however, these steps sometimes maybe missing. Please check with your Post Office on time, as we will not be responsible for package return due to “non-claim” problem.

If a member cannot track the package at their end, please contact us (preferably no later than one month after shipment is effected), then we will make an official request for HK Post or Fedex to trace. If finally HK Post / Fedex prove the package is lost, we will help the member to claim insurance coverage with them.

What should I do if package arrives damaged ?

- If the package is damaged or broken on delivery, don’t sign received. Please check the condition fully in the presence of the Postman / Delivery man, report and return to Postman / Delivery Man. If you have already signed received, please make a record including photos of the package and all damaged area. Please take the damaged package to make a report with your local Post Office / Fedex within 2 days, and report to us accordingly. Please understand that if you fail to get the Post Office / Fedex damage report, it is impossible for us to assist you in making an insurance claim. All damage compensated will be subject to the rules and approval of HK Post and Fedex.

What should I do if package arrived with missing or wrong items ?

- Please make a record / take photos and contact us immediately (within 3 days of package received). We will check with our shipping and stock record, if records proved we have made an error, we will take responsible actions as below :

a) For Missing Item – We will arrange shipment of missing item with full responsibility.

b) For Wrong Item – Please never open the individual sealed packaging. We will ask you to help us by sending back the wrong item to us. Please do your best to use cheapest air mailing service for the return of items. After we check the returned item is correct and in original condition, we will arrange shipment on the correct item with full responsibility. We will also provide compensation for the returned shipping cost of the incorrect items.

Why the manufacturer’s skill level is different from HobbyXStyle one ?

- From time to time, the model / toy technology is kept improving, for some old items the manufacturer’s skill level should be lower if compares to today’s standard. All our Guideline Reference is from the point of view of our department manager.

Our skill level is designed as level 1 - 5; level 1 is the easiest, level 5 is most difficult which suitable for experienced modeler.

Can I ask for ordering on items which are not available in HobbyXStyle ?

- Yes, please send us the detailed enquiries, we will consider searching for the item, but we cannot guarantee finding of an item (or finding of item in a short period of time). Also, this service will only applicable to members already have record of successful order / payment.

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